Distortion when trying to record via usb in Ableton

Hey guys im back with another recording issue! trying to record the OPZ into ableton live 10 via usb and it sounds great until some insane bitcrusher-like distortion is introduced. It happens randomly but frequently enough that i cant finish a recording without running into the issue. I tried every buffer-size option and the problem persists. If anyone knows how to get around this it would be greatly appreciated! <3

what are all your settings in ableton? Could be the op z is set at 44.1 and yours is 48khz. Are you using the included cable? or a 3rd party one?
How long does it “sound fine”? always the same length before distortion or is it random?

My guess is if it’s not settings related, then you have some kind of ground loop interference or some other electrical interference from your computer. Could be that when your PC fan kicks on it sends a surge or spike or some distortion. Could be your PC or opz isn’t grounded well through the usb.

from wiki " In an electrical system, a ground loop or earth loop occurs when two points of a circuit both intended to be at ground reference potential have a potential between them.[1] This can be caused, for example, in a signal circuit referenced to ground, if enough current is flowing in the ground to cause two points to be at different potentials.

Ground loops are a major cause of noise, hum, and interference in audio, video, and computer systems. Wiring practices that protect against ground loops include ensuring that all vulnerable signal circuits are referenced to one point as ground. The use of differential connections can provide rejections of ground-induced interference. Removal of safety ground connections to equipment in an effort to eliminate ground loops also eliminates the protection the safety ground connection is intended to provide." hope that helps

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Try increasing your buffer size. That kind of distortion happens when the cpu can’t keep up with a low buffer size. Start at like 1024 or higher and see if that helps. (Downside is that it increases latency).

I guess he tried that already.

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My bad lol, missed that.

Thanks for the responses guys. i’ll update when i go back to record later today