DIY case ideas?

In all the chaos of the PO launch, I didn’t manage to secure any silicone cases. I’m wondering if anyone has considered a home made case for desktop use, rather than for the pocket. I’m initially thinking of something simple that can be laser cut from acrylic or MDF that simply holds all 3 units securely on a flat plane. Anybody else thought of anything?

I would like to design something similar, to what I did here. Could totally do all three, in a panel with wooden ends… If they ever send me the POs?

Wow, that’s very nice. I didn’t consider external jacks as PO’s only have 2 I/O jacks, but it would be really nice to have them on the faceplate to prevent stress on the (flimsy) unit. Thanks for posting!

wow thats a neat bleep drum!

i made a shitty wood case day one. havnt even finished it because i need to use it constantly. ive been bringing my po-14 everywuhr because this things rocks srsly its amazing!

Another great idea! I'm going to go google camera clamshells now...

The mini pelican cases would be dope!image

I’ve been thinking of a decent way to store/transport PO’s. I have 12 and 14 but of course I am still waiting for the silicone cases.

The idea is this:


This is a protective hard shell case I purchased from EBAY (around £9) a while back for my GoPro’s. It measures 22 x 16.5 x 7cm.


This is the case as I use it. You see it has a thick foam insert with pre cut shapes for GoPro cameras and other items.
The idea is to use an identical case, with some foam sheeting and cut holes to size for the ‘cased’ PO’s.


Here you can see a 12 and 14 sitting inside the empty case. There is already plenty of room, even with the tabs (which will be removed once they are housed in the official silicone cases).


These are a couple of approximated scale PO’s in silicone cases sitting inside the case.


The idea is to purchase two sheets of protective foam (like above). One will sit on the bottom of the case, the other sheet will have two holes cut out which will hold the PO’s (in case) nice and snug.

I’ll then attach the top sheet to the bottom with some double side tape, so it doesn’t move around at all.

Once I get the PO cases I’ll give this a go and report back.

Was just thinking how awesome it would be to have a pocket protector case for these! Maybe something that fits into a front pocket?

Assuming I don’t cancel my order, I was planning to 3d print some with the reprap kit I’m building.

I would like to design something similar, to what I did here. Could totally do all three, in a panel with wooden ends... If they ever send me the POs?

That’s super boss! Nice craftsmanship. Did you screen print those graphics onto the module or was is a raster cut?

I own a bleep drum too and am considering selling it off when my PO-12 comes in, but your mod is making me reconsider, especially since I’ve been thinking of going modular lately.

@krism Is the reprap kit similar to a makerbot kit? A friend of mine assembled one and her prototypes looked pretty solid.

I had my eyes on a printrbot metal. It seems like a good printer for the price given (539$) but it’s more expensive in the EU. Anyone have a good tip on a price friendly EU printer?

reprap is open source @Kites (and several models/types), you can find a parts list on their wiki if you want. I just bought the kit from someone to be a bit lazy with having to source everything >.> it’s out for delivery :smiley:

I almost bought a printrbot maker’s kit or a metal kit @Defectus but the reprap prusa i3 I went with has a larger print area (200m3 vs 100 and 150) for not much more than the 100mm maker’s edition. And a heated bed for if I want to use ABS instead of PLA. Just be careful with what parts are in the kit if you buy one from someone, a lot of the more inexpensive ones seem to have sketchy electronics/motors.

Thanks for the heads up. Maybe some day I’ll own one. Luckily there are some printing hubs in my city for the time being

I should stock up on batteries and cables at RadioShack then!

Spent 4-5 hours assembling my printer and still have a ways to go @Kites lol… not for the faint of heart or someone not into DIY! Lots of little niggles to take care of, a heat gun is worth its weight in gold to get some of the metal parts into place in the plastic. I didn’t get the X axis rods perfect but I think it’ll still work once it’s all assembled.

So I have access to a dremel now. Whenever I get my hands on a PO I plan to make a nice wooden case. If it turns out well and doesn’t prove to be too much of a pain I’ll offer to make them for forum members for a reasonable fee. I don’t have a plan for buttons yet. Any ideas?

^ The tactile switches on the PO are not compatible with the more common “snap-on” caps… you would need to find “flanged” round caps with a flat base and put a holed screen on top of the switches to hold them.

EDIT: You may try asking @KrisM the print some keys for you… :slight_smile:

^ Yeah, I can’t get them in the right size locally. I was thinking of maybe making them somehow, probably without a flange, but I’m worried about ending up with something fragile.