DIY handmade OP-1 USB stick

Some inspiration for the weekend:

I did this little FIMO clay OP-1 USB stick on a sunny afternoon in Berlin. I used an old Samsung 1GB stick where the enclosure was broken ( it looked ugly anyways ). You can easily mould the caly around the PCB board of the stick. It is safe to bake (!) the clay and USB stick afterwards in the oven for 20 min. at 110 °C (230 °F). The stick works like before and now I can carry all my OP-1 backups with me in style.

No worries, I won't start selling them on Etsy ( or wait... ).


Ha Ha - I don’t know whether to say “it’s awesome” or “someone has too much time on their hands” :slight_smile:

Nice work either way!

Very nicely done. I’m amazed that you can bake the electronics at low temperatures without harming it but you’ve proved it can be done.

@trash: too much time!

Ooo, nice work, and that gives me an idea—3D printed ones! :smiley:

i even have an old USB stick circuit board lying around, because I was trying to figure out what sort of custom enclosure to make for it. Either OP-1 or MPC1000 would be cool.

MPCOP1000 USB sticks for all.

I could totally do half MPC/half OP1. Wouldn’t be perfect, since they’re totally different scales/aspect ratios. But it could work nicely—the MPC pads are on the left, the OP-1 encoders are on the right, so they’d splice together well.