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my native language is not english i’m sorry for anything that is wrong with the text :smiley:

Hi everybody,

this drumpack was made for use with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 (all loops are made so they fit in the 12sec sample time) in mind
but feel free to use it how ever you like, sh*t i might put it in my Akai MPC500 ( http://www.akaipro.com/product/mpc500 ) and give it a try :smiley:
or maybe my Roland SP-404SX ( Roland - SP-404SX | Linear Wave Sampler )

This beeing said lets start to tell u where the sounds are from and how i recorded them

The Drumsound are from the Boss DR-3 Dr. Rhythm ( http://www.bossus.com/products/dr-3/ )
I recorded them with into Audacity 2.1.2 ( http://www.audacityteam.org/ ) by pressing the buttons one after another, after that i did cut out some parts (no instrument just unused space) to make it fit

Sample rate : 44100 Hz
Channels : 2
Bits per sample : 16
Bitrate : 1411 kbps
Codec : PCM
Encoding : lossless

in short Boss->RCA L+R to 3,5 jack->line in pc Realtek® ALC898->Audacity->16bit.wav

I did not make any modification on the sound the Boss DR-3 has a soundprocessing engine on board “TSC” i did not change anything so all drumsounds are in the original Boss “TSC” settings

I know alot of loops might sound allmost the same since Boss DR-3 just used the “TSC” engine to shape the sounds a bit but who cares :smiley:

I recorded the loops by presets, they are labled the same (allmost) name as in the Boss DR-3
as for now i made it thru the first 50 drumpresets (3 are missing while i recorded them i heard only a small eq change so i left them out)
There are 50 more i want to go thru (when i’m in the mood for it), also i might do the percussion and bass sounds

so here is the second part of presets also i added a precussion set without any TSC

enough info for now best wishes mdss

i want to thank (Roland)Boss for this great sounding machine :smiley:

Boss Dr-3 Rhythm DrumPack 1 filehost = sendspace.com file = bdr3r__dp1.7z = 57.01MB

Boss Dr-3 Rhythm DrumPack 2 filehost = sendspace.com file = bdr3r__dp2.7z = 55.63MB

compression i used 7-Zip

Thank you very much for this !

thank you, a lot of work here !

Next time you can use 7zip to do a .zip (more easier to open to everyone).

thanks again :slight_smile:

@Ubik enjoy
@canar_batar nextime when i do something like this i go for the .zip but since i startet this pack with 7zip i also did the second part with it sry :smiley:
anyway thank you for your opinion and your recognition (it really was a bit of a work) and enjoy