DMX issue and not working

i have a liveshow in a week and bought the stairville led but it just doesn’t work. i do use the enttec dmx pro, since the mk2 isnt for sale.

i use 2 x Stairville Led Bar 240/8 RGB DMX 30°

so i set the dmx.json

“name”: “led”, “channels”: [“red”, “green”, “blue”, “knob1”, “intensity”]

and the fixtures:

{ “fixture”: 1, “profile”: “led” },
{ “fixture”: 2, “profile”: “led” },

as the manual of this led bar says:

1: red
2: green
3: blue
4: dimmer
5: strobe

on the ledbars I did 5-ch waited until it stopped blinking. set one to dmx1 and the other to dmx6 and nothing happens. used different cables. and the enttec is via an usb c to usb a female connectec from the opz to the enttec and the entec light is green solid.

i turned the lights on and then the op-z.
but still nothing. not even with 1 ledbar.

what is going on?

i just dont know what to do?

I’m not a dmx expert but I successfully used two Stairville 240/8 bars in 24 channel mode with the default, unchanged dmx.json. Kingston Nucleum USB hub, Enttec DMX USB Pro. I remember the other channel modes on the Stairville were useless, only 24 ch worked properly (the led bars behaved exactly like it showed on the preview of the op-z light track). I set the two led bars to the same dmx channel, so they behaved identical. When you go up one channel on one of them, everything will shift by one color, which is also cool.