DMX on op-z (dmx.json question)


I’ve got a Nucleum and Enttec DMX USB Pro mk2. I am able to get the Enttec PRO-Manager test software to control my lighting fixture when the Enttec is directly connected to my laptop via USB. However, it does not work when connected via the Nucleum hub (PRO-Manager says “No Enttec Device Found”). I cannot get the OP-z to send any lighting data through the Enttec DMX device, whether connected through the Nucleum hub or connected directly to the Enttec DMX device. I double-checked the DMX.json config and my RGB fixture is set to Ch.1. I have a mid-2014 Macbook Pro that doesn’t have USB-C, but I’m able to use an adapter to convert the USB-C on Nucleum to USB 3.0 and it seems to power everything just fine. Any thoughts on what to try next?


Do not change anything on the standard json file,
I also made the mistake in the begin to edit the json file but in most cases this is not necessary !
reset yr op-z to factory mode after you backup yr files, after the reset the json file goes back to the standard factory json file
The reset Made iT work for me !
Then with a clean factory reset op-z connect yr hardware…
Op-z to nucleum hub direct with USB c connector from hub ( also power the nucleum with a charger that is rated high enough, I use my MacBook pro c charger)
Enttec to nucleum hub
Power yr dmx fixture with its OWN power connection
Dmx fixture to enttec
One thing to note I used a enttec dmx pro mk1
However mk2 should also work according to TE op-z manual


It is normal that you can not connect the nucleum to a MacBook pro without a USB c connection, to use the Nucleum you Will need to connect iT to a device that has a USB c connection like the op-z :slight_smile: