DNA engine changed in OP1f?

Hi there, new OP1f user here. Trying to recreate my OG OP1 snapshots on OP1f. Until now I’ve been pretty successful with this, but have hit a roadblock with a patch that uses the DNA engine. It seems like it is materially different than the original. In particular there was a triplet aspect to the sound that seems to be missing on the OP1f. Anyone here have the same experience? Would also love to hear from TE folks if they could shed light on this…

DNA has some kind of input by your serialnumber . So every op-1/1f will sound a little different.
That’s what’s in the manual, you can choose to believe it or not.


it’s more like modulated by things you do within your OP1/f it behaves on things like tape running and engines chosen and therefore modulates the DNA engine „unpredictable“ in every unit under certain circumstances „different“.

it’s using the internal flow in some ways which should be different from user to user

Haven’t tried to port most of my patches from OP-1 to Field, but yes, DNA engine sounds very different to me. I guess I should just copy all my old patches over and test them.

IIRC it’s just like fallen_lassen said, the CPU’s unique ID number is used as a seed for whatever sound-generating process it’s using.

That’s pretty frustrating, as it means that DNA patches on one OP1f are not definitely replicable on another.

firmware versions also have an effect, from my experience on the OG-1. (old patches broken after years pass and a few fw revs rolled by).

can’t say the the “DNA” name is unfitting for an engine whose outward behavior is an obscure function of internal data…