DNA Snare

I knew it was in there, it was hiding behind the trippy geometric patterns and crazy sounds. You really have to carve it out of the engine, get the ADSR right, Nitro or Punch on effect…
I just assumed since Cuckoo is selling $8 sample packs of DSCHH sounds for the Op1 that it might not be commonly used. But it is so nice. Not a sample. Not like a rickety snare from the DBOx or a high pitched bass drum used for a snare. This one is big & fat, in your face authentic white noise blast with just the right old school flavor and a long fuzzy tail, you can make it airy, raspy, woolly, smacky, snappy, flabby or come up with your own list of snare-describing words.

Teach us <3

DNA was made for this and hats.

I like the glitchy tones you can get… Also LFO has some really interesting functions w/ dna. I made a patch which kinda sounded like a ping-pong ball being dropped and speeding up in rhythm.