DNA Synth Displaying Oddly


I just purchased a new OP-1 (Firmware R.000220) which arrived today. I’m loving it and everything appears to be fine (although I haven’t had a chance to check-out everything yet) except the DNA synth is displaying oddly. Basically, I’m getting a large icon/symbol in the lower left corner and overlaying it is a box with the type of imagery I’ve seen online (mirrored symbols, etc.) filling the entire screen. From what I have seen all of the other synths, effects, etc. are displaying correctly. Has anyone else come across this or know how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


I also have this issue with 220 firmware on a brand new OP-1

I sent Teenage Engineering support an e-mail. If they reply back with anything useful, I’ll post it here.

Perhaps some aspect of the graphics/display component is different on the latest hardware revision, and is incompatible with the code?

Does anyone else here here have the 220 firmware on a new OP-1 that DOESN’T have this visual glitch on the DNA synth? If so perhaps re-flashing the OS will work.

My op-1 came with v220 and does not have that glitch.

Teenage Engineering response is:

“Our programmers are aware of this and are working hard on fixing it. It will be resolved in an upcoming OS.”

Teenage Engineering response is:

"Our programmers are aware of this and are working hard on fixing it. It will be resolved in an upcoming OS."

…and so it begins. lol


I’ve got a new OP-1, 220 and no glitch (as of yet). I wonder if you reinstall the firmware? I have the 220 firmware file if you want it you can PM me. Maybe install the last firmware and then install the new one to reset it? Just guessing here.

Better don’t install 218. Many people got problems with the old OS on the new OP-1. But reinstalling 220 may be an option…

I asked if re-flashing the firmware (220) was a viable test, TE said try it out and let us know, and provided the 220 image. I successfully flashed (from 220 to 220) to no effect.

After flashing the firmware I still have the corrupted DNA display, a minor annoyance only in my opinion.

As a sanity check I also factory reset the unit (successfully) with no change to DNA behaviour.

Sounds like your op-1 has some mutant DNA. :wink:

I can confirm I have the same issue on a 220 OP-1.

Same issue here on a new 220 OP-1. I emailed TE support about a month ago and they were very responsive asking for video. They confirmed they would look into it.

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe the DRWAVE engine graphics are also rendering incorrectly. At least it seems that way based on videos of others’ OP-1s online. This was shared with TE support as well.

Thank you everyone for your replies. I also emailed teenage engineering and, as they told others, they told me that the issue with DNA will be fixed in an upcoming OS update. DRWAVE also seems to be displaying oddly but I wasn’t sure. I’m glad to hear that someone else altered them to this issue. I will as well, just to make sure they know it is a widespread issue with 220.

I am also experiencing this issue. Has anyone tried #225 to see if it resolves it?

225 resolves the DNA issue. DRWAVE still seems odd.

no DNA issue on 225 here. then again i’ve never experienced it

Thanks you, I will update today :slight_smile:

Happy to report that 225 update resolved the DNA synth display issue. I still can’t get that one to make any useable sounds but that’s a different problem!

New OP-1 user here. Just got the device (was 220) and noticed DNA act weird. 225 fixed that but DRWAVE is still kind of broken :frowning:

Same here #220 with DNA display problem. Also Dr Wave looks messed up

About 10 days ago I’ve sent TE a bug report and at their request a video a couple of days later. They told me this yesterday:

Thank you for taking the time and making that video.
I will forward it to our engineers and they’ll make sure it looks better in the upcoming firmware updates”

Hopefully a new firmware won’t take ages but I’m glad they will be working on it. I’ll put up the aforementioned video on a Youtube link when I figure out how to post in 1080p instead of 720p from my iPhone. Would be interesting to see if ppl with older version OP-1’s can replicate the bug or if it’s only the newer versions that are affected.