Do all Pocket Operators now turn off with cables connected?

Do all Pocket Operators now turn off properly with cables plugged in to their Line In and Line Out? I’ve read conflicting reports about how the PO-12, PO-14, and PO-16 had this problem but that it had been fixed on the PO-20, PO-24, and PO-28. I’m assuming that means it would also be fixed on the PO-32, PO-33, and PO-35 but haven’t been able to confirm it as I do not own any of the new generation yet. Has Teenage Engineering perhaps updated all versions so that they will now power off when cables are connected to their Line In and Line Out? I ended up getting rid of all my PO’s about a year ago due to the aggravating process of having to disconnect all the cables if I wanted my batteries to last any appreciable amount of time. I’d gladly buy every PO made if I could have them all plugged in and ready to go at a moments notice without having to constantly change batteries. Does anyone have any insight on this design flaw?

iirc the issue was always if you had sync set to any slave mode. So no issue if you just switch it back to sync 0 or whatever when you finish. But I guess that’s equivalent to unplugging a cable, if you’re looking for something you couldn’t accidentally forget to do.

On PO32, if there are cables connected, the PO powers off after an hour of inactivity (as opposed to 5 minutes with no cables connected). edit: the website states all pocket operators behave like this

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