Do I need Ableton Live, or is Logic ok?

Just figuring out how to synch stuff with midi. I’m quite new to that side of things, though I’m an experienced audio Logic user.
Is there any point in me trying to figure out how to use Logic, or should I save myself hassle by buying a basic version of Ableton?

I have ableton, the 100$ intro version. It is very very capable. Id say more capable than my roomates logic pro which was like 200$?

I really like pairing the op z with ableton, even more than i thought i would. The usb audio interface works like a charm, and you can synch midi transport so that when you press record in ableton, it does a meteonome count in then automatically starts the opz. This way all your track are synced in time.

Plus ableton gives you more control over mixing and mastering or adding more complex vocals or longer live instrument backing. Its worth the 100$ imho

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You can also get the Live Lite version for “free”, if you own a device that came with it (Or if you send them a picture of a device that came with it) :smirk:

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Oh yeah thats true, my focusrite solo audio interface came with live “lite” free. Honestly someone on the forum may have a serial code you can have. Shit, i may have an extra one you can have lol. Ill look when i get home from work

Thanks guys!



I was able to use it with the receipt from my Mackie desk!
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no way, hell yea!!! :v::100: i just got home and logged onto my computer to check… That is some awesome forum karma right there

theres a few different settings in ableton and the opz to get it all to work. let us know if you have any other questions!

edit: another bonus, if you have ableton lite, the intro version is like 30 bucks cheaper or something to upgrade.

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