Do OS updates replace the drums/synths?

Hey guys. I’m in fucking love this this magic little unit. I have a question though being a new owner- I know the latest OS update included a new synth that was previously not there… will the upcoming OS updates include even more? How many can this thing have potentially?

I think it would be awesome if the drum banks were swapped out with every new OS. Also all additional synths are welcome (to any TE devs reading :slight_smile:

I think we’re expecting the new OS to replace the presets with the community created ones. And we’re hoping it will bring the ability to manage patches on the unit, but who knows.

Sometimes they add new synth engines or sequencer types. Personally I’m hoping we see a sketch-like LFO. Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will include some synths that sound like the PO synths someday.

The code for a synth engine is pretty small compared a drum sample for example, so you could potentially fit a lot of different synth engines and such in there.

That's awesome. I'd love to see some additional synths as well. I think the strength of the OP-1 is that it is so easy to spawn new ideas. More stuff that accentuates that would be amazing. I'd be excited for a sketch LFO as well :)