Do snapshots always save the sample data?

I was curious about this. I made some 12 second samples to use with the drum sampler on the OP-1. After copying them to the OP-1 and letting it format them, I then went and did all of my mapping to get the hits laid out correctly, and saved it as a snapshot.

Do I still need to save the original drum samples I made on the OP-1, or does this new snapshot save the sample too?

it will save the sample. My favorite part about the op1 is turning it off and coming back to a perfect save state when i get back.

Great, makes it much easier to save and move presets.

slightly related and you’re probably aware of already anyway:
you can lift patches from one patch button (1-8) and drop it to another an then tweak from there… i find this very handy. I hardly ever save these variations - they’re just getting replaced at some point by something else. mostly I keep only the original patch

Thanks, good reminder!