Do the encoders and buttons output anything via USB in OP-1 (normal mode)


Does the OP-1 encoders and buttons output any kind of data through USB ? In normal mode, not midi mode.

I am aware that it outputs midi notes and transport controls.

I have tried WireShark to monitor USB activity but I am overflown with information and can’t figure out what to look for in the logs.

Is there an alternative?


try like a midi monitor program instead of a usb one, that should help u.

edit: oh i just reread your post, and i just assumed u were looking for midi. maybe thats not the case.

Yes the OP-1 does not output midi with the encoders or buttons, the idea is to emulate that by translating the raw data (if it exists) to midi, to use it as a glorified midi controller. Midi mode has no visual feedback and no sequencer which is a bummer