Do the encoders flash green when your rhythm is perfect?

wanted to see if anyone else has noticed any of the encoder dials flash green occasionally when playing notes live. I think it might be to confirm that you’re playing perfectly to the beat, but because my rhythm is trash, it’s only ever happened to me a few times lol

It could be showing if your levels are clipping or not. Try turning up the level track you are playing and see if they glow red when you play notes. That would imply that your signal is clipping.

Finger drum hero :joy:

he’s referring to a signal that affects all leds in time with the beat and indeed there’s something going on with that red and green change while the sequencer is running.

I thought it has something to do with the incoming midi signal…but that’s an interesting point.

you’re pointing at the level leds on the AMP (yellow) page or the mixer signals while pressing the mixer button .

Could someone be so kind and explain in detail what I have to do to see this? It sounds interesting :smiley: