Does any else experience odd clicking noises when recording to the Tape with an external mic?

I don’t have any effects turned on any of my channels or on the tape. I’ve tried factory resetting. no dice.

It seems to match the bpm even though I’ve got the metronome turned all the down. Seems like the mic/headphone jack is inadvertently picking up on the signal anyway.


I was gonna say check the metronome, you wouldn’t be the first to report an issue exactly like this and later discover the metronome to be the problem.

Yeah, this noise seems to be linked to the tape, not an issue recording to a sampler. No workaround except keep the gain down if you can / use external mic.

Are you charging? Try doing it on battery.

Are you using a condenser type with tip,ring,sleeve mini Jack?

YES! I’ve been noticing this for a few months now. Only when recording via the mic to tape, its like there’s a physical tape machine in there and it sounds like its picking up some clicking in the reels. I really don’t know what it could be.

I get that too and it increases if an effect is on some 1-8 preset

it could be your fingers tapping the physical keys. microphonics-style, like when a long headphone cable clacks together and you can hear the sound through the wire. I found this can be a cool additive effect sometimes