Does anyone keep the ob-4 on all the time?

ive had mine for a while now and its probs my favourite TE product overall

one feature i would love is a smart option which would allow me to turn it on and off from my phone or ortho remote but i dont think there is a possible option for this right now.

the only alternative would be to have it always on and increased decrease the volume accordingly, does anyone do this?

ive always been a scared about the longevity of this speaker (with the tape dial and all) so ive avoided it for now - but if other there are others who do this with no problems then i think it will make it the truly the perfect device for me

Mine definitely spends more time on than the off. I don’t think you need to worry about the tape dial wearing out, it’s a rotary encoder with bearings and all that.

Biggest issue is volume knob cannot handle bumps or drops really.

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I would keep it all day long as well, if it wasn’t for the white LED, which doesn’t let me sleep well

The main concern should be about the life of the battery. Otherwise, I don’t think about why we should suffer. If you don’t need it, or you don’t think you’re going to need prolonged battery use, you can have less attention to it, I guess.

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How many hours are you roughly getting from a full charge? Have you noticed any difference from the time you bought it?

i almost never use it wired. I charge it when has low battery. For me is great. I haven’t measured times. But i have charged it between 25/30 times in a year.