Does anyone know if the Eurorack "Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System Interface" can amplify the OP1

I would like to integrate the OP1 with my eurorack, should be excellent for live performance.
But connected to the Make Noise Rosie the OP1 is still a little bit quiet. And the Lifeforms system interace would be a nice rack mixer. But is it loud enought with the OP1 or should I just stay with my Mackie 1202?

You just want to bring the op-1 signal up to eurorack level to use in your modular? you need anything that fancy, just something like a pittsburgh in/out or something similar from another manufacturer will work just fine

It is both. I already have a MI ears that could handle the level, but the Pittsburgh mixer looks very interesting. Looks like the OP1 can be integrated like a tape recorder/sampler/Looper.