Does anyone use the SP404sx with the OP1?

Ive been looking into samplers after having a volca sample for a long time and hating the limitations and I recently stumbled upon the sp404 it looks amazing for sampling records and mangling sounds just wonder who has an sp404 and how well it works for them

Haven’t actually sampled on my 404 for a while but run my Op1 through its fx in to Daw all the time. If I wasn’t using the Daw id be sampling op1 on to 404 with fx and poss back to Op1. I love the 404 sound, def worth trying one out, buy used and sell on if it doesn’t gel with you…

Yes They go well together. Very fun pair

good pair. has its limitations though which for me is choke groups. Try buy a used one as its way over priced new for how old it is. (at least in japan)

I just ordered an SP404sx and I hope it will be friend with my op-1 :slight_smile: