Does the OP-1 charge slowly?

I had my OP-1 plugged in to my desktop overnight and it only got up to 3 dots in the morning. Does the OP-1 just normally charge slowly or did I just have it on a slow charging port?

I wouldn’t say its very fast to charge, but you should definitely get a full charge overnight.
I thing your issue is more likely that the battery gauge is not quite calibrated, and is showing 3/5 even though you have a full charge.

You can calibrate the battery meter by using the OP-1 until the battery dies and then charging it to full capacity.

mine def takes a minute too. but it lasts forever once charged.

useful tip i found on here a while ago:

If you plug the charger into a powered-off OP-1, it’ll charge slow.

But if you power on the OP-1, then plug in the charger, it’ll charge fast (or faster at least.). You’re free to turn OFF the OP-1 afterwards and it’ll charge just as fast.

This fixed it. It now charges up to full. Sure did take forever to go flat though.

Great! The battery life is indeed very good IMHO. I have never run out of battery during a session even without it being full to start with. I guess the stated 16 hour usage time is no joke unless you have a very old unit.

I recently saw a YouTube vid where the guy showed a way to plug it up. He said plug it in then turn it on and off and that makes it charge fully. I haven’t been low lately so I haven’t tried it yet.