Does the OP-1's screen need a protector ? (solved)

Hello, I am ordering an OP-1 (finally) and am getting a new model fresh from Teenage Engineering. The question is: should I worry about buying a screen protector ? I have heard many things regarding the screen, and I can’t seem to get a solid answer of yes or no. Could anyone perhaps provide some evidence or opinion to set me in the right path ? For information :

I plan on keeping my OP-1 covered in a case at all times besides use, so dust shouldn’t be a significant problem for me. I am very careful with all of my gear and see that it is kept from drops and such. But even knowing this I still worry, as I love the OP-1 very much and want to keep it safe.

I bought a pack of 2 phone screen protectors for £1 on ebay and cut to size, works a treat. Better safe than sorry in my opinion. No idea if the risk is real or not.

I don’t have a screen protector.

I’ve brought my OP-1 with me almost every weekend for 18 months + my kids use it quite often (using the knobs to fast for my taste btw) and no scratch on the screen (so far) !

I always put it in TE soft case, I must say.

If you buy and sell gear a lot then you might think about the screen protector.

The OP-1 will get tiny little hairline scratches that are unnoticeable normally but if you tilt to a certain angle in the light you’ll see those scratches.

If you want one then just do as @ghostly606 suggested and get a cheap phone screen and cut it to shape. I’m not even going to check how much the TE screen protector costs cos I know it will be a fair few quid :wink:

Thanks for all the feedback. I never plan on selling my gear, and the small hairline scratches wont bother me if they even happen. If something bad happens TE replaces the keyboard and screen for 50 euros I think. So if it becomes to where it’s that noticeable ( I’d say a few years right ? ) then I guess I can get it replaced. I appreciate the input, again, and thank you all.

Key thing is to get a case, I guess :slight_smile:

Have fun, @xophize !

@LyingDalai thanks, after years of watching and yearning I finally have an order…that is when TE ships them out.

Well, the Op-1 comes with a see through overlay that has a bunch of simple directions written on. When the beast isn’t in use, I simply lay the said film over it to prevent the machine from dust and mishaps.

@HisMostDarxxxellent I’m so paranoid about keeping it clean that I will probably put the overlay back on it, put it back in it’s shipping case, and then put it in my case just to have 2 layers against dust.