Does the "Region Lift" function actually work?

Let’s say I have more than 1 track recorded. Now if I wanted to use the “loop in” and “loop out” points to select a region to lift out of JUST one of the takes on one of the tracks, how do I do that? When I try to move the tape head between my loop in and out points on a region of track and use “LIFT” it just lifts the whole take and not the region specified by the loop in an loop out points…

The only way I’ve been able to lift a specified region is buy using SHIFT + LIFT but that lifts ALL 4 tracks which is not what I want. I just want to remove a region of a selected take on a specific track.

Am I missing something?

You have to cut the track at the points you want to lift it.

Region lift is only for all 4 tracks. Even if some are blank, they will be pasted in as blank regions…

The best way to trim a single track at loop start + end I reckon is to first cut the atart, then shift + right arrow key to move to the perfect adjacent loop, then stop twice, then hit scissor again. Quicker than it sounds.

yep - need to cut the virtual tape