Does turning off the op-1 save the state it's in?

If I were to turn off the op-1 and turn it back on, would it resume directly where I left off? Like where I was in the tape, the loop points, and most importantly the last state of the sequencer?

I have an opportunity to purchase a friend’s op-1, and while I’ve dabbled with it a couple of times and generally know how to use it, I wasn’t able to test this. And I know some days I would have only moments of free time to use it, which is why I ask. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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Simple YES, the OP saves the state it‘s in when turned off.

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It is not a “Simple yes”, more of a complicated “no but…” Looking at the list a lot is saved but the state is not. Specifically where you are in the tape is not saved. Also, any unsaved changes to voicing, I feel like sequencer changes are automatically saved. It’s intuitive and works within the workflow of the machine and you rarely lose work accidentally and a lot of state type stuff is automatically saved but not all of it.

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It doesn’t save the exact point of playback on the tape or in sequencers. Loop points are saved.

It also does not save the state of mod wheel/bender LFOs, which does bother me, since I often (ab)use mod wheel for sound shaping.

Most other things are saved, and in general it “just works”.

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