Does your OP-1 Field sit flat on a level surface?

Hi, I’m new to the OP-1 world, having recently acquired my first (a Field) and I absolutely love it. However, I have encountered some quality control issues. I’m actually on my third unit.

The first one had a sticky encoder and double triggered frequently, so I exchanged it. The second one also double triggered a lot and the FM antenna didn’t work so I exchanged again. This third one seems pretty good except it doesn’t sit flat on a level surface. It rocks back and forth ever so slightly on two of the corners. I can’t quite tell why it’s happening but it’s pretty annoying.

It also has a pretty wobbly volume knob but from what I understand that’s quite common, and I think I can live with that.

The wobbling on the table might be hard to live with though. But before I go playing the exchange lottery again I wanted to see if the not sitting flat issue is something that lots of people have encountered before.


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Hi @horseofcourse, I had the same problem with OP-1F, i could not find a table where it would not do that, it was just a 0.5mm, I gave the chassis a gentle twist and the rocking was gone. The feet on the unit are quite hard rubber, my old OP-1 had more forgiving soft rubber feet, not sure why they “improved” that. Maybe they wouldn’t do so well with the fancy slide in sleeve. I actually use the Decksaver placed on the back.

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my first 2 units did that which i exchanged for diff issues and my 3rd current one knock on wood doesn’t wobble. ive heard its common too even te support told me a little wobble is common but if its wobbly to the point its harder to play the keys live id exchange it (that is the advice i was given by te support directly)

the cause of the wobble is the rubber feet not being perfect level, so if u think u can somehow fix it yourself thats def an option too

i bought the cool white leather case wrap thing and i love it and consequently my op1f never even comes in contact with surfaces directly anymore despite it not being wobbly


Thanks for the reply, and I appreciate the suggestion. You must be stronger than I am! Gave mine a gentle twist, then a rather forceful one. No difference I’m afraid :pensive:

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I was looking at it closely for some time today and couldn’t really think of a way to fix it. Unless the feet come off easily and could be replaced with larger feet…

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happy to share anytime. yeah i agree, when i tried to inspect my rubber feet in my previous unit that wobbled, i really could not get those feet to budge - but i will say with the leather wrap, since it is a soft surface, it will have no wobble and it can even be angled towards you a bit bc its a wrap/flap shape so you fold the leather back and it props it up at an angle. id say if the wobble is on the extreme side why not exercise your warranty but if its not bad id consider getting the leather wrap (id get it anyway its sick)

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The wrap does sound nice! Although I have already purchased a deck saver and it seems like the wrap probably wouldn’t fit over that…

At the same time, the wrap reminds me a lot of the white smart folio cover that I have on my iPad, which I love.

Do you find it annoying having to un-Velcro the wrap and turn it around to make it a stand?


at first i did find it annoying im not gonna lie. the desc did not mention that you need to rotate it in order for it to be a “stand” which really pissed me off at first. but now i really dont mind at all and i dont even think about it. one thing to keep in mind actually and this is one reason why i dont mind at all whatsoever anymore is that it is actually better to keep it attached in the default not stand way if you are sitting in any sort of reclined couch position and want to have the leather/suede grip your lap/pillow. in other words, its a 50/50 whether i even need to unvelcro and flip it, so in the end it wasn’t an inconvenience on average

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About the deck saver, it was designed for the previous version - the OG OP-1, it still fits nicely the next gen, but one difference is the tolerance around the ports - jacks and usb c when they are in use, since the op1f’s frame is thinner ~2mm on top and bottom, the deck saver sits lower. It barely touched the plugged in connectors on the OG OP-1, but it sits on them now, so do not exert any additional pressure on it. In case you use the deck saver for op1f as a stand I would not recommend having anything plugged in.
Thinking of modding it - filing 2mm notches to increase the tolerance, not sure if anybody did that.


Great detail, thank you for the heads up!

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My second OP-1 wobbles quite a bit, but I don’t mind because everything else fits well. My OP-Z only returned recently after an almost three-month stay in Stockholm (they were too busy due to slider gate, I think), however, I’m still waiting for the replacement of the TX-6. LOL.


Jeeze, that’s some bad luck… what was wrong with your OP-Z and TX-6?

OP-Z did not like the line module, TX-6 had an aversion to each of my USB sticks (for disk recording).

Two units with propellered cases and other issues? Wow.

When I got my OP-1 Field it was perfect. Then three days later one horizontal LED line on the screen got its blue channel permanently enabled. (The reds and green work fine, but the blue is always on.) I wrote to TE support, they ignored me, and I decided it’s not worth the effort of echanging. Considering that I have no other issues so far, it seems keeping this unit was the right decision. Maybe eventually I will disassemble it and clean the soldering points with some alcohol. But I don’t feel like doing it at the moment.

This stuff is why I’m not going to even consider buying other Field devices until TE fixes their manufacturing.

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i know how you feel. my approach is to just accept that their units have a higher than “normal” rate of manufacturing issues and take advantage of their warranty as many times as needed. each time i’ve gotten an initial response within 1 business day and in the case of op1 exchanges each took less than 2 weeks in total.

their products are just too good to pass up imo, just conjure up the patience and if it takes 3 échanges so be it. frustrating indeed but once u have a field system free of bugs, it’s irreplaceable and you’re good for many years

So far, I have received quick responses to all of my support requests, but unfortunately, they seem to be occasionally forgetful and disorganized.