Downbeat of pattern not sounding

Hi all,
I’m switching between patterns 2 and 3 (pressing P+play+pattern) where the bass track resolves on the downbeat of pattern 3. However, the bass note doesn’t sound. It plays through when it loops around, and it sounds if I switch patterns on the fly.

As far as I can tell, I’m not clipping, it should trigger with the step component I have on there. Bass is set to mono, and it still happens if I turn the release down on the last trig of pattern 2. Any ideas what might be happening?

It sounds either like a compression setting (knobs three and four while holding the top mixer button), or a live recorded note that is nudged backwards. Try holding down trig one and seeing if step sixteen lights up purple indicating the note is nudged back. Hold the note and press the + key until it is on the trig (no more purple on step sixteen).

Unfortunately that didn’t work. I’ve turned the compressor and master all the way down, and even tried nudging the downbeat a little bit late.

Does the note play every other pass except the first one, or is it just the second or another iteration? When using spark components, repeated presses of the numeric value keys change the iteration of the spark. Ie pressing the trig spark and the number 2 key at first makes it play on one of two, but pressing the same 2 key again makes the number flash and indicate that it will play on two of two.

The note does play on other passes, and I removed the step component just to make sure. It’s a bit odd that manual launching of the pattern works fine, but launching it in a chain presents this issue. Thanks for your help troubleshooting.

Does it maybe have to do with the ADSR and note length settings? Or polyphony settings? I realize youre talking about bass but maybe…

Edit: I should be more specific…IF you have your bass track set to polyphony and you have a trig sequenced that lasts longer than when the other trig starts (either by note length or release setting), and those two trigs are the same note, that second trig won’t trig. If you have it set to mono or legato it would trig. Does that make sense? If it’s set to polyphony, overlapping the same note won’t trig

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My bad I see now you said it’s set to mono (#2 setting)…

Is it possible that there’s something quite late on the last beat of pattern 2 which is interfering?


Good point w/ note length settings. I’ve experienced something like this.

@agmolina I would try changing note length settings and re-recording.

Definitely copy the pattern to an open slot so you can revert if necessary. Good luck!

@theDMG really I think it’s only an issue if your in poly. Mono or legato should just change notes

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