[DOWNLOAD] OP-1 Beta Patches (op1_076)

Hey guys,

I’ve seen a few people on here requesting the patches from the op1_076 beta firmware, and no links.

So I upgraded my OP-1 and manually saved each patch, renamed and checked the saved patches against the installed ones. I can safely say that I have them all now.

I spent quite a fair few hours getting these done, so if there are any naming mistakes please let me know (I don’t believe there are any, but I may have slipped up :/)

Anyway, here is the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6r0Q-Lf6Fe5RGFFMjhvSlVsY00

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@ItsAaronGeorge I’ve not installed the beta but have heard that the presets are notably better than the current official os so look forward to giving these a whirl. Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

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@wolflegjon I agree on the quality being better. I’m sure most are aware, but when you try to import them on your OP-1 be sure to rename the folder so it isn’t the same as the built in folders. E.g rename my cluster folder to something like cluster_beta.

Also the OP-1 on the current firmware won’t be able to hold all of the new presets. So if you get an error about it failing to load the patch, that’s why.

I’ve downgraded back to the current firmware and checked all the patches and they work great. I’d recommend trying them all and just saving the ones you like.

This is awesome! Thanks for doing this. Now… excuse me while I get lost in this and forget about the debate.

No worries. Maybe you could sample the interruptions and make something worthwhile out of this whole debacle.

Thanks for this. Stoked on some of these. Couldn’t get the String patches to load though. OP-1 said “failed to create synth patch” for all of them when it was rebooting. Any ideas? (memory is fine)

Edit: My bad, it was the memory.

@jivans, you’ll get that error when you’ve got too many patches loaded. Glad you sorted it out.

Awesome Thank so much for doing this!

Right after i upgraded i was finding patches i missed from beta.

So, I had some free time and went through comparing what patches ended up being included in the release and which ones didn’t.

If anyone wants the patches that are not included, I’ve attached a zip of just that. It’s just drums and samples.


Wish I could update the original post but it seems I can’t.

Here is a working link for the patches: op1_076 - Google Drive

Keywords for people searching: mirror, dead, link