[DOWNLOAD] OP-1 Patches (op1_14203)

After upgrading to the new firmware I’ve noticed a few people asking for the old patches.

So just like I did with the beta, here are the patches for the op1_14203 firmware.


Enjoy :slight_smile:

yeah !
Music Box missed me so much.

thanks hero

many thanks!

Is it possible to have both sets loaded at same time? or is the number of presets per synth limited?

I was able to load nearly all of the old patches. I had some patches in cluster that failed, but it seemed like a space limitation.

I found if i hit the limit, I couldn’t delete files and upload during the same session. The upload would queue first, fail, then the deleted would happen. I had to delete from the folders I added first, disconnect from USB, then upload replacement patches in a second session.

During the continued attempts to upload when patches failed, the display became more garbled. I suspect there may be a buffer overflow that’s leaking into display memory. Not certain. YMMV.

can’t believe i didn’t see this post until AFTER i had manually done the same thing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

gonna go ahead and get the jump on the new firmware i guess!

Realised the link was dead so just updating it here: op1_14203 - Google Drive