Dropping tracks back onto the field from a daw

has anyone managed to do this yet? I mean, to be clear, like taking your field tape tracks and then working on them in logic, then taking them after working on them in something like Logic and exporting them back to the field to work on them more there. I managed this on the OG OP-1 but the field seems more complicated.

Yep, all the time. If you’re on MacOS, you need to download the free “FieldKit” app from the app store to access the files on the OP-1F since it uses MTP protocol to connect now. This is different from the original OP-1.

right, yeah I have been using android file manager but it works just fine. I’m just wondering about the format of the music files if that matters at all.

They are 32bit fixed files, not 32bit float like most DAWs use.

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I have to import the tape files into Audacity (after using Field kit app to copy them to my Mac desktop) and convert them to 24bit (or 16) then I can use them in Live or Reason. I then export each file and again use Audacity to convert back to 32bit to reimport into the OP1-F.

Make sure each track is still called track_1 etc.