Drum and Bass Drum Kit

I’m looking for a real punchy drumkit for OP-1 that I can use to create some Drum and Bass. I’ve gone through most of the drum kits on the download pack but cannot seem to find that exact one. Ones like in these songs - https://open.spotify.com/track/0nOSl3LNa48hT8VT2R1Fh8 (Far Too Loud - Lightbringer) and https://open.spotify.com/track/6GsxD3gw9kmtlvoRmBfDmo (Noisia - Shaking Hands).

Is there a non OP-1 pack of these types of drums that I could make into a Drumkit? I must be using Google badly today! I cannot seem to find any.


I have a couple that I put together from an old Computer Music sample CD. I’ll try to upload them to this thread when I get home.

Thanks man, that would be most appreciated!

D’oh, the forum doesn’t seem to allow me to upload an .aif file! @dimi3, if you ever get a spare moment, perhaps you could check that out? Cheers :wink:

I renamed them to .txt. Just rename them back to .aif and you should be good.


These are fantastic!

Ah good stuff @johnl. Yes, I’ve hammered those kits on some of my tunes. Keep meaning to go through a stack of other Computer Music sample CDs that I’ve accumulated. Some choice samples from those things can make a fairly decent kit,

Thank you very much for that, I’ll try them bad boys out!

these are great, thanks yoof