drum machine- volca sample

I’m really blown away by how powerful the simple volca sample is. I’m currently using it like I anticipated using the rhythm wolf. It has become my first hardware drum machine and the individual tuning on each patch makes this such a killer instrument. It basically seems like a more fleshed out volca beats but the sound pallet is unlimited with being a sampler! Alternatively it is just a more complicated po-12. Regardless I’m in love with this tiny box! Plus it can save sequences and it keeps everything in time! I wish it had more subdivisions though.

What drum machine if any do you guys use? Software is totally acceptable- Kong! IOS? Android? But also hardware I’m genuinely curious

i've been using a rytm and the new electribe for drum machine. lots of territory there esp w/ the samples on the rytm.

also making new OP1 drum patches is a great way to get some new drum sounds for free!

**still very curious if downsampling below the volca sample specs & converting audio from stereo to mono saves space on the volca sample? or if they are all converted to 31.25 khz / 16 bit upon transfer to the volca.

this is what i did for my rytm, and i was able to fit a shit load more sounds than usual on the 1gb memory.

I’m in love with the MDUW as a dedicated drum machine. But, I absolutely love getting really surgical on drums on the Op-1! So, big props to that too!

Yeah love the Volca sampler, its simplicity is its brilliance, that a Monotribe and the OP1 would be my desert island combo (ok add a solar charger, small passive mixer, powered speaker too!)

Just got around to use the Volca Sample yesterday and loaded it up with my own samples. Really impressed that it can hold 100 of my favorite one-shots! The sample parameters are awesome. The Caustic Sample editor is nice because you can add much more to your samples, including effects. Sample prepping can be a pain with all samplers, but I like that I can do it on my phone while at work. The only thing I wish these Volca machines had is higher note resolution. I hope Korg can make an update like the Monotribe, where it doubles its steps.

Battery is my preferred soft sampler, and MPC500 and of course OP-1 as hardware.

Still my e L e X i R, I like that it can acid too, otherwise it’s the OP-1 of course…

I may grab a Volca Sample later this year, I like how compact and feature-packed it is and all that comes at a very reasonable price. I have a Nord Drum 1, sounds killer and the free Nord Beat app works flawlessly with it…will sample several of its sounds when I get the Volca. As for iOS, I use Funkbox on a regular basis. DM1 used to be great until their iOS 8 update but it’s useless at the moment… they say it’s a few more weeks until they fix. I also have an old analog Selmer rhythm-preset box - very limited functions, sounds great, no MIDI, almost impossible to dial it in into tempo … it is definitely a challenge to integrate it in my setup but I love working with it nonetheless.

The only dedicated drum machine I own is a MFB 522. Used to use it, for those nice analog 808-style things. Octatrack makes a superb drum machine and sample chains make it more so. But hell, I can even use a Monomachine as a drum machine. Or the OP-1. Or the PO-12 when it arrives.

I don’t use drum machines much these days, though. A Volca Sample would be tempting as a cheap and cheerful percussion box, though.

Everybody needs a Volca Sample!

Just ordered mine. Make sure to order a power supply with it. I got a PlanetWaves 9V for $10 on Amazon. Unit arrives next week. JOY!!

I have the DIY - LXR drum synth very nice FM beats, its highly expressive and extremely tweakable

+1 for the DM1 on ipad, it is also very good for laying down beats.

I am going to wait till after namm to see what i get next, but the volca sample is very tempting and very affordable…

Absolutely with you Masterofstuff!

I bought the Rhythm Wolf and had it for a few days before returning it. It wasnt what i expected it was going to be - it certainly didnt live up to the hype.
I did a video of it on youtube which slated it and gets me lots of negative comments from akai lovers lol.

I got the Volca Sample for Christmas and it’s much better than I ever imagined it would be and also moreso than Korg are making it out to be - theres so much hidden stuff that isnt really mentioned or explained in the docs.

You can keep your drum machine samples on your phone and load onto the volca when you need and want them and turn the Volca in to a very powerful little drum machine. With the sequence recording it makes it a little bit like an elektron rytm :wink:

FatboySlim said "everyone needs a 303"
SpaceTravelMadeEasy says “Everyone needs a Volca Sample”


^ Beardyjack beat you to it :wink:

ffs!!! can’t post the link!!!

Really like the Volca series, had the bass and beats and sold both, motion sequence is a blast, used to play them on a towel on the edge of a hot tub with a stereo with some beers and babes. Great fun. The Sample looks great with a endless sound pallet then the others. I got rid of them because I wanted more memory and longer patterns. Would love to see Volca Pro series or one that includes all of them in a little folding brief case with a more advanced sequencer. Curious to see how the electribe2 sampler builds on the volca sample. I have owned jomox xbase888 which had the best snare to my ears but a buggy OS. Currently use the TR-8 and like the simplicity and my young kids also love it. The faders make for great performance options. Miss the motion sequence feature though.

Man this is making me want a volca sample! I have the volca beats which I really like actually

...used to play them on a towel on the edge of a hot tub with a stereo with some beers and babes. Great fun.

Am I the only one calling bullshit on this one? Sounds like a “Bill & Ted” fantasy! LOL

^i want to believe

I like equipment that spits out shite nothing else can spit out, Octatrack, OP-1, Monotribe and now the volca sample, it’s a blast, you can’t fail to make unique tracks and performances. Add in the caustic editor, get busy with sfxr and you are bingo-beats for sure!
Saving for a hot-tub now…