Drum preset sounds different to online videos?

Apologies for the complete newb question but I just picked up an OP-1 and as I was watching this YouTube video at the 1:09 mark, I noticed when playing that same drum preset and key sounds are different to the video. I’ve factory reset the device and also no filters or effects are being applied.

Unless I’ve missed something super obvious (likely) I’m not sure what else could be different?

ah nm i read too quickly

What does the T2 page (to the left of the track FX) look like for you? If it’s not a flat line in the middle that could be your problem.

Aside from that, the sound will be affected by:

  • Tape input volume
  • Tape track volume
  • Master EQ
  • Master FX
  • Master Compressor (drive/release)

He’s likely dialed in the compressor and all that to his liking, and if your settings aren’t the same it might sound different.

Hope this helps!