Drum Sample Pack


I’ve been on my Summer Hols recently and today is the last day. In that time I was able to begin down new paths of audio exploration. I’ve never sampled my own stuff despite using samples in the past so I wanted to learn about it. I sampled the darxxxellent PCM drums on my JD-Xi into my MPC1000 and then booted up Logic. I edited and re-edited the one shots according to my taste using plugins.

I’d like to get some feedback on this kit. What do you guys think of it?
Should I have uploaded it into Xfer Records drum designer first? There is also a gap at the end. I filled it with different things from the kit like a tail of a crash shortened and pitched up to create a glistening hi hat.

They are dry hits. Only a little reverb or delay was used in places.

They are all recorded to reel-to-reel and as its my passion and zeal I named the kit Darxxxeal2reel.

I shortened it to ‘XEAL2REAL’ to fit the Op-1 screen.


I hope you like them and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the other generous people in the website for sharing your creations, samples, and inspiring ideas.


Download the kit from my Google Chrome Drive.


PS. Be careful with the sub frequencies for the kick drum hits when you fire it up.

Thanks, sounds good in vlc :slight_smile: have to load this on my op-1

I have downloaded but they don’t seem to be mapped properly. Can you check?

The same thing happened to me, though that is the dumbest comment ever!

I’d like to learn how to map the drum samples correctly however I knew I had a 12 second gap. I used it. Some drum hits had extra tail artefacts so I figured that it will take a little extra work to map each drum hit. Of course, it’s a double edged sword because the end user doesn’t want to tinker they want it ready like a microwave meal.

Maybe I will use the drum application by Xfer Records. My only question is will I lose the tails of the actual hits or is each drum going to give a full hit? There’s no freakin’ way on earth I personally want to lose the tails to the hits!

I hope somebody more experienced will help this issue.


just move the cursor while pushing shift, you’ll be more precise and able to find a location without artefacts
(or maybe you are already doing this ?)

just move the cursor while pushing shift, you'll be more precise and able to find a location without artefacts
(or maybe you are already doing this ?)

That’s exactly what I did once I loaded them into the Op-1. I took all of five minutes. I believe it’s the green knob to move the sample shot closer to the start of the hit and the white knob to to move the ending position.

Have some fun with it! Fock around! I found the more I am open to the fun/work aspect of the Op-1 the better the results!

If you have the one shots as individual wav files then the drum designer is the way to go. You don't need to worry about tails as they will be mapped perfectly, tails and all.

I will check this out and try to map it at lunchtime. I don't think that getting the start and end points spot on in the Drum Sampler is that critical but do have problems trying to find loop points in the Synth Sampler.