Drum sampler acting like synth sampler


Just wondering, has anyone had the samplers act a little weird? I was playing around sampling and swapping things between synth and drum samplers when the drum sampler started acting like the synth sampler? - it was only playing the one part of the sample, but changing the tone as I played up the keys. Even when selecting another sampler drum patch. Only turning off and on reset it and started working okay again.

I wanted to send a bug report, but although this has happened a couple of times for me now I can’t replicate it and make it happen on demand, so not sure on the steps to make it happen.

You don’t happen to have a sequencer enabled?

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I’m not sure to be honest, I don’t think so. I’ll check the next time it happens.

Pretty sure you do.

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My guy, you gotta record a video of this! Never heard of this but your description won’t be enough to accurately describe/troubleshoot! Keep your phone handy next time!