Drum Sampler - User Folder


I just got my OP-1 and I’ve been getting into the manual and tutorial videos and trying a few of the workflows.

I created a 12-second mono .aiff file to use as a drum kit. I performed the transfer process in using shift+com/disk mode, etc. However, I only see the DBox and Drum options in the Drum Sampler list of available sources.

There is no user folder on the screen.

I’ve rebooted but there is still no user folder listed on the OP-1 screen – even though it exists on the unit itself.

put your new files into a folder.

think file/folder names can only be a certain length too.

when the OP-1 rebooted after the transfer did you see any “failed to transfer” messages on the OP-1?

Thanks for that quick response! Actually, I saw a brief message saying that the file had been successfully created.

Here’s how it looks.

But here’s what appears on the OP-1 screen.

No user folder.

Weird(er) thing is that the only file that I placed in the user folder is the ‘aj basic.aif’ file. I don’t know where those other .aif files came from.

@jessetal This may/may not work but when you are on the same screen as your screenshot above hold shift and press the 8/M2 button and this should reveal another folder (probably called ‘snapshot’) which should have your file inside.

(If this works then the same will apply to the synth selections too for patches & samples you’ve saved or loaded via a computer)

@jessetal The 8 .aif files in the user folder are whatever is saved onto the 8 preset buttons. If you put your own files in a new folder or in the snapshot folder they should show up.

@jessetal, since you’re an OSX user, in case you find it useful for the future, you can take screenshots with Command+Shift+3 or 4. With 3, it captures the entire screen; with 4, it gives you a reticle to choose what you wish to capture either with the mouse or by pressing the Space bar, which is context-sensitive–so if you hit Space with the reticle over Finder, it will take a shot of only Finder.

Drum Folder -> Your Folder = put aif file in Your Folder @jessetal

Hey there fella!

I too had the same query and marched around Internet for quite sometime and then I came across a website by a French recording engineer. His name is Julian Tauban and he has provided many a sample specifically aimed at our beloved toy of joy - the Op-1. In one of his manuals he describes the process in a simple, easy to understand manner. Although I haven’t tried it yet I’ve taken some photos of the screen shot in iBooks. I tried to locate the Internet file but I couldn’t find it again. Anyway, let me know how you get on @jessetal;


This works perfectly… !

It is a first for me to load patches and I had forgotten the process of creating drum sample folders since uploading the ever great sample sounds from @montgomerword. Thanks again!