Drum Sequencer Problems Since Updating

Since updating to the new OS my OP-1 crashes every time I try to enter the drum sequencer. Anyone else having problems with this? Any idea what might be going wrong? I’ve tried reinstalling the new OS but still crashes each time I try. Seems to be the only issue since the update. Thanks !

tl;dr Factory Reset will probably do the trick.

It seems somehow you managed to set a parameter to an invalid, too large value using one of the encoders. The error looks like an “assert” for this kind of situation. This value seems to be saved in the patch and hence it persists through reboots and reinstalls. A Factory Reset will reset the patch and should get rid of the invalid value. All your stuff on the OP-1 will be gone too, so you might want to make a backup first.

A more elaborate (potential) fix would be to try and correct the faulty patch by downloading it to your computer and mangling the file in a binary editor. Maybe you can also get away with just replacing it with something else.

it might help to only delete the specific “user slot” you have that preset stored on.
(basically the 1-8 buttons are matched in the filesystems you get when using the USB mass storage mode)

But yeah. quickest would be to factory reset…

Great, will try a reset then. Thanks so much to you both !