drum/synth samples (from OP1) disappearing from OP-Z after reboot

Is anybody having problems maintaining custom samples within the OP-Z?

I have a couple of samples that I want to import in the OP-z but some of them randomly disappear after rebooting.
For example:

  • I have a sample I prepared in the OP1 from some random audio. I made a drum kit and a synth sample
  • I also have some well known samples in my OP1 that I want in the OP-Z, like the PO-32 and PO-20 drum kits as well as a couple of piano synths
  • I connect the OP-Z and transfer the samples
    • 1-Kick slot 10: personal audio drum kit
    • 1-Kick slot 9: PO-20 drum kit
    • 2-Snare slot 10: PO-32 drum kit
    • 6-Lead Slot 10: personal audio synth kit
    • 6-Lead Slot 9: piano synth sample

When disconnecting from my Linux machine, all seems fine, I can see all the samples I imported.

After turning off and on again, 1-Kick Slot 10 disappears (my personal audio drum kit)

This can happen also with my personal audio synth kit, but it does randomly. Lately it has been staying (I tried this copy&paste process at least 7-10x times already).

Is anybody else having this problem?

Not sure if this is related or not but I also lose the pattern chains that I configure in Project Slot 10, the one that came empty and I used yesterday when i received the unit.
I lose the chains every time I reboot the device.
The patter chains from all the projects that came with the device remains.
I tried saving the project as described in the guide but with no success.

I did a couple more tests. I managed to loan for some time an Ipad and I noticed that, though the samples were removed from the OP-Z, they appeard as “available” in the Configurator menu of the App.
I then dragged them back to empty slots and, so far so good. The samples stay in the device even after power cycling it.

This is very strange.

I really hope this is a bug because i don’t personally have an iOS and cannot rely on one when needing to transfer samples.

On another note, has anyone noticed that in the Configurator, there are samples available in most of the categories?
They come from the same sources as the ones in the device but, there seem to be not be all dumped in the OP-Z.
For example, Cuckoo in the Chord section and on the Arp one.
I think they are the same samples but they may behave in a different way if they are dropped in those sections.

Did anyone try this?
I just ran out of available spots as i imported several from the OP-1 and didn’t actually try it.