Drumkit Utility

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I downloaded the Utility with VST and it works fine. However when i go to export it created one Aiff file on the desktop pesumably to be imported to Drum Snapshots.? I thought it mapped the drums to each key on the OP-1 like as in the screen on the utility? So if i import to the OP-1 wont it just be one long 12 second Aif file? Thanks

thats how the drum sampler works. your slice points are saved as data within the 12 sec .aif file and will set up accordingly across the keys after you load the .aif to the drum folder.

Thanks docshermsticks. I assumed it would be like a Synth sample on playback. So somehow the Op-1 recognizes each sample on the long aif file. How does it do this. Does it go on zero entry points?

Hi @Peeter, the AIFF file format permits application writers to store non-audio data in aif files in a thing called the APPL chunk (a designated part of the file). Teenage Engineering have used this chunk to store all the parameters of the drum kit, including the start and end points for each sample in the 12 second audio.

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Thanks Yoof.