Dsynth help

Can somebody please help me and explain dsynths parameters in detail. As teenage engineering didn’t bother there bollox updating the user manual since last firmware update … Thank you

I have the OP-1 Cookbook and here’s their writeup:

“(BLUE) Part 1: Wave Generator / Oscillator Freq

[SHIFT] + (BLUE) Part 2: Osc Pitch

(GREEN) Part 1: Waveshape Saw - Sin

[SHIFT] + (GREEN) Part 2: Waveshape Sq - Sin

(WHITE) Part 1: Envelope

[SHIFT] + (WHITE) Part 2: Envelope

(ORANGE) Part 1: Mode, Cross Modulation / Mix

[SHIFT] + (ORANGE) Part 2: Filter”

Excerpt From: Neil Ritchie. “The OP-1 Cookbook.” Digital Saxon, 2014. iBooks. https://itun.es/us/8VOdW.l

To my ears, blue adjusts the way the two oscillators interact with each other, with a shift in emphasis of which oscillator is modulating which at halfway point.

Green indeed changes the wave of the oscillator. The first oscillator has an interesting delay when pushed all the way up to the ramp wave. The second oscillator (shift+green) changes the wave if the second oscillator. Different wave shapes for oscillator two will produce different LFO shapes when modulating the first oscillator. Shift plus blue changes the rate of modulation in this scenario.

White changes the envelope for each oscillator, again with a difference in behavior after the middle point.

Orange is the filter. Shift plus orange changes the cutoff frequency while the orange knob alone changes its mode. The left half of the mode values behave like more traditional low pass filters, while values past halfway seem more idiosyncratic like notch or band pass filters. The shift and orange values left of center cut out the higher frequencies while beyond halfway begins to sound like a hipass.

This is all just what I hear. There are a ton of sounds to explore with DSynth. One of my favorite engines.

To add to what Lymtronics said, AFAICT Orange changes the type of modulation of osc1 by osc2; there is some FM, some AM, and some other stuff I’m not sure about (ringmod?). Around 10 o’clock you can hear the distinctive sound of FM.

The easiest way to get a feel for it is to dial osc2’s pitch to almost 0 (shift+Blue) so it behaves like an LFO, then sweep through Orange. (if you set Blue so that both triangles are pointing down, and use a very fast env, then once the env is done both osc’s signals will be stable and you should be able to hold down notes)

Oh gee love you guys . Thx