Bastl has a video out for their new 5 channel mobile mixer called Dude. I had a chat with the Casparelectronics lad (forgot his name, sorry) at Superbooth and this thing is going to be en enabler for those passive elements mentioned in the video. As well as th EQs mentioned in the video they are thinking about filters, distortion, and other simple effects. If you have some EE knowledge and a few spare parts lying around (e.g. two diodes) you can even mess about with the signal yourself as they also showed a prototype of a “breakout cable” with solder points.

Paired with the feedback capabilities this is going to be an awesome little portable effects box in its own right I think, let alone when combined with other gear, as seen in the last part of the video with the Korg Mini Kaoss Pas and the 0-Coast. Awesome stuff IMHO.


my kastle needs a mute button! Might need to cop this!

Looks kinda neat - could probably use for mixing my PO-20, and a Volca or two. Not too worried about the stereo vs. mono thing - I guess if I run OP-1 into it, I’d just have to make sure I don’t have stereo panning setting - which could lead to undesired phase cancellation issues and the like.

The dude does look neat. I’d be sold on one, but now, the Roland GO:mixer is available it makes me have to consider it more carefully.

After all, the Roland mixer is also an Audio interface and has a mic level input.

I think if the Dude was 49EUR it would be different.

Yeah I’ll wait for some review on the Dude first… but if it’s got quality parts, would make a great companion for Field Kit & OP-1.

Sweet !

Be nice on the input of OP-1 and record everything to Tape.