Dumb question: what kind of USB port is on OP-1 and Oplab?

I need to get another USB cable for the OP-1 and Oplab but can’t find a description of which type of USB cable I need. Is the short flat end that goes into the OP-1 a “Mini-B” or “Micro-USB”? It’s hard to tell staring at pictures on Amazon since both of them are short and flat but I think one is smaller than the other.

I looked at my OP-1 manual PDF and the Oplab guide and they just say “USB”, which is decreasingly helpful with the different options out there these days.

I think the Op-1 accepts a Mini-B USB - can somebody confirm that?

The reason I think that is that I have a Samsung S6 phone which seems to accept a Micro-USB and that’s definitely not the same end as my Op-1 cable has.

the op-1 uses a mini usb

Thanks! Mini-USB looks like the right size. I knew one of them was used more for skinny devices like smart phones but with the similar sounding names, I could never remember which was which.

I have the same problem with the MiniBrute and the MicroBrute and always have to say both names and go “whichever one is the really tiny one.” :slight_smile:

Just ordered a couple of cables so now I can connect either Mac or iPad to the Oplab while keeping the OP-1 connected. Adding a Waldorf Streichfett to my lineup this week and a Make Noise Telharmonic to my tiny little modular setup. My universe will soon be nothing but glorious harmonies and chords in glorious sync!