Durty Op-1 mic / effect combo

Been searching around for a while for a mic appropriately portable, with its own power. As many of us know, plugging a dynamic mic into the op-1 gets you nada.

Realised that I had it all along!

I have a microcassette Sony recorder which runs on AAAs… Hit pause, then record, and you get the throughput. Three gain settings on the mic are handy… Plus, I tried running it through my new u-create… VERY cool gritty, dirty FX / mic combo. All battery powered. Using the delay or the slicer or even the flanger on the u-create along with the hold button gives you some beautifully glitchy tones… Plus the mic compresses well. This won’t be for everyone, cause it’s dirty AF, but I know some of y’all love dat grime.

By the by, I’m buying a focusrite itrack pocket, so that will hopefully give me a nice clean portable option for mic input. Albeit, requiring a charged iPhone to function.


Lol, love how you need a dirtier mic than the built in one xD

Also, have you thought about picking up a cheap H2 or something? Battery powered, thru mic etc etc

Haha, well my main problem w/ the op-1 mic is the CPU noise when recording to tape… Yeah, that’s a good idea, but wish I could get something even smaller.