Dust Cover (something like Decksaver) for Oplab

Hey! I scored an OPlab and I want to keep this thing as pristine as possible, so I am searching out a dust cover for this bad boy! From google searches I am not seeing jack sh*t, but I thought maybe some of the other TE patrons might have solutions or a direction to point me in. I was really hoping there’d be a decksaver like the one for the OP1 for the OPLab, but I havent found anything. Has anyone had any success having custom pieces 3D printed? Thanks

I could do a custom 3D printed cover if you’re interested. Especially because I want to get an OPlab eventually and all my gear tends to get covered in shop dust : ]

Happy to do it for a fair price or trade. Oh, and apologies in advance if we aren’t meant to discuss doing jobs for money on this forum.