Dusty Biscuit (OTO Machines)

Was it anyone on here that grabbed the dusty Biscuit that finished on eBay today?
Was keeping my eye on it and made a bid but it went higher than I wanted to go - I wasn’t going to keep it, just wanted to grab it at a bargain price to sell on as it started at £150 :wink:

All the stuff the guy was selling seems to be dusty like this. I wonder what the story is behind the gear and why he didn’t dust it before taking photos lol.

I don’t know who grab it but I hope that this guy will actually use it and make music with it…

Wow! @spacetravelmadeeasy, it finished costing how much?!

@aeoner the winning bid was £344. they still got a decent deal.

doesn’t look like it came with a box, the listing stated it didnt even come with a power cable.