Dynamic envelope

I’m just curious if people are getting more use out of this than I am. Maybe I’m not grasping how it works. When I make a beat on the sequencer, I try to polish it up a little, the right EQ, maybe LFO, choosing effects, etc. And occasionally I can improve the feel of it by adjusting the dynamic envelope. But its not as straightforward as an ADSR, and sometimes it changes the beat so much that I end up leaving it flat, mostly because I don’t fully understand what the curves do to the sound. It must be a useful tool that I need to learn better. Any pointers apprec.

Same here.

I found it not bad to have it like max min max, but I have no clue what I’m doing. Wizards, share your knowledge plz !

First curve add attack. Nice with the other curve put down, makes some short drums.

Second curve is for sustain, and is useful when you need to short the sound.
Third one is a kind of decay release. Makes strange noise.
Last one is the distance of the three of the others.

I like to play only with attack.

Wizards, share your knowledge please ^^