echobode - CWO as a VST

I’m only on this forum sporadically, so apologies if this topic has been discussed to death already around here.

Was wondering if anyone noticed the VST version of CWO being released by sonic charge lately?

Thoughts? I’m guessing it’s pretty nice given it’s SC and CWO. It’s also probably cool to have the CWO sound in a DAW workflow. Anyone tried it?

Process audio with CWO on OP-1. Send that audio through Reason and Echobode. ReWire into DAW and process with Echobode. Sample into OP-1 and process with CWO.

Xzibit is most-pleased with this series of events, I can assure you.

KrisM lol! rvxi I got it, its super nice! Mad worth it, not sure if the intro price is still available, but I’d hit that it it is!

I’ve been using it and it is indeed awesome.

it has a few important differences:

1 modulation which can be host tempo-synced.
2, and this is a big one, is the “smear” control which turns the delay into a reverb of sorts. some of the patches sound great just with this control alone.
3 the sideband control finally makes sense - it acts like an EQ/window selecting more lows or highs around the central frequencies
4 unlike a picture of a cow, the UI explains itself very well, especially what the LFO is doing at every moment.

Logic Ringshifter users - could you do without it? Possibly yes, but the UI is too nice, and the sound is too sweet, to ignore. Also hasn’t the dreadful latency/CPU usage of Ringshifter.