Editing drum sampler snapshot audio

Hey pals,

I’m using the drum sampler a lot with my band… The process is building samples with the drum utility, road testing them live and then tweaking as needed. The thing is, suppose i have say 8 slices of audio in my drum sampler snapshot, & I decide I wsnt to change just one slice, I don’t see any way to simply edit the existing patch, rather, i have to build it from scratch… when you consider play style, pitch, gain and other params, this is time consuming as all hell. Anyone gota sweet sweet workaround?

Bonus issue - no way to set fx or lfo in the drum utility right? So my stupid workflow is 1. Create patch in drum util 2. Load to op1 3. Add fx and lfo, save snapshot (this step can maybe be skipped and sample can be taken from user slots, but not sure if that works) 4. load back to computer 5. change file name 6. Load back to op1… steps 4 to 6 needs to be repeated every time i make a change, even changing the gain on a slice… otherwise if i swap a user slot 1-8 and try to reload without thise steps, I’m working from snapshot date filenames & could easily make a mistake.

Is there a better way?

u can just drop your patch back into the drum utilty
should reload with all your settings intact hopefully, then u could just drop your new slice in
set it how u want and go.

u could also edit the header of the .aiff file yourself.
this way u could set like FX and LFO params and anything else that isn’t available in the drum utility
maybe copy and paste from existing patches to transfer your settings from one patch to anothe

Thanks for chiming in @docshermsticks

Yeah i was hoping that would work. But dragging AIF back into the drum utility triggers a weird glitch, where the samples are sort of repeated on every available key. So the utility thinks you have like 2 minutes worth of audio or something even if you just have 10 seconds but repeated slices. Set an account there seem to be taking note of which slices were aware and then going through and deleting the errant slices. But I have a feeling the metadata isn’t correctly interpreted when you drag an AIF back into the drum utility ie pitch settings and gain. Another Bugaboo is that if I want to leave blank keys the drum utility seems to Just disperse duplicates across all the keys. So I found a had to go through on the op1, and edit all the slices I didn’t want. The main reason I go to this trouble is because some slices I really don’t want to hit by accident. I can imagine a really long loud one shot instead of a soft sample that I wanted to hit that was next to it. So I tend to leave some space between dangerous samples and samples that I want to spam in a different dynamic.

I’m very interested to hear more about editing the aif header. Do you know how to do this? Might be a better method for me with these bugs chewing up my time.

just messing around with the drum utility myself over here.
seems like most of the stuff works fine for me.
i can remove slices and save and its not there anymore.
i can remove and replace slices and that seems good.
settings seem to persist from iteration to iteration
granted i’m not loading them onto my op1 and fully testing

i get the repeated slices if i remove a slice and save then reload into the drum utilty
maybe thats intended behavior? afaik u can’t like have an empty slice maybe?

u could always have a small silent audio file
and just place that in there when u want an empyt slice

u can get at the header if u open the .aiff file in a text editor
this might be a good place to start for editing the params…

My issue with the drum engine is that I havent found how I could have FX on only one key and not the others? Should I do like you said on the first message? that seem tedious to only put fx on one…