Editing in OP-1 vs DAW

Just curious…Is anyone else annoyed at how hard it is to edit in tape mode? I find myself just importing clips to edit in Ableton because I’m annoyed at how difficult they make it with no undo or zoom functions to edit pops and things.

Does anyone have more input on this? Are there tricks to editing in tape mode that I am missing or are people just dumping into DAWs??

Yeah onboard editing is way too annoying for me to use extensively. I either use the ‘switch between loops along time line while recording to album’, and then possibly export to master/chop/overdub in daw. Or I’ll export the 4 tape tracks to to daw if I have an idea of where I want to go with it and it’s going to be fiddly…

I mostly use OP-1 as the starting point for a track. Then import individual tracks into Live so that I can edit, add more tracks, record vocals with a real mic, etc. That being said, I am incredibly impressed by all of the people on here and elsewhere creating final tracks directly on the OP-1. Seems like it takes a bit of practice, but can be done extremely successfully.