Editing tape on the Field

Hey Field owners,

Does anyone else, has anyone else noticed on their units that shift arrow forward takes you to the end of track slice towards the end of that slice but shift arrow backward no longer takes you to the beginning of the track slice as the original did? Or is my unit just weird?

Seems normal over here. Do you have tape sync on in the metronome settings? With it off, shift and arrow moves to the beginning and end of whole takes versus bars when enabled.

I think I have that only on one specific tape style - thought maybe it was an intentional quirk but super annoying… it was either the porta or the disk mini I think but I’ll have to check

I think I experienced this and thought it was weird too, is it that shift+back arrow changes the tape grid?

Something was funky the other day, but I kept thinking that maybe it was always like that…

I posted about this over at the lines forum. I noticed the same thing with mine. When I’m free tempo the OG1 would snap to loop ends both back and forward. Field only snaps forward. Shift back doesn’t do anything. Seems like a bug. What firmware are you on?