Effect Loop Resample with OP1

Hi all,

I have been using the OP-1 for a couple of months now and love it It has really been a much needed breath of fresh air maybe even a warm blanket. I have a couple of effect pedals I really enjoy using in tandem. However, as I quite enjoy using the op1 without a mixer and using tape to arrange everything I would like to be able to resample effected op-1 track back into itself rather than have the entire output go through the effect loop. If that makes sense.

In which way would be able to monitor the output going back to the op1 without creating a feedback loop? Would an audio interface with multi outs work, an audio splitter?

I have no idea and apologise if my writing doesn’t make sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. I look forward to meeting you all!

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i use a Y cable (TRS stereo to 2x TS mono) and treat the L&R on my OP1 as two separate outputs using hard panning.

i posted this pic up on the old forum, not sure if it made the trek.

Hi there

I don’t understand, do you want to resample the OP-1 affected by the pedals, or do you want to resample the OP-1 internally?

-If you want to do it internally, check out the ear function via the line in menu (shift+mic) which allows you to pick up the output of the OP-1

-If you want to resample with external effect pedals then it gets cumbersome
Lets say you want to resample some audio from track 1 to track 2

//1st you need a 2 way splitter at the end of your signal chain.
One way goes to your speakers/headphones/soundcard/whatever output, the second way goes back into the OP-1 line in. Be careful to disable the line input in the OP-1 at this point.

//Select track 2 in the OP-1 and bring the volume down to 0 in the mixer page (or mute the track) in other to prevent a feedback loop. (you should also mute track 3 and 4 for safety) Leave track 1 at whatever level you want.
Then enable line input in the OP-1.

//Hit record + play. Audio from track 1 is then played, going thru the FX pedals and getting back into the OP-1, and recorded to track 2.

Voila. There is a high risk of feedback loop super harsh noise tho so be careful not to blow your ears out. you should unplug the input jack to break the loop when youre done

As an alternative solution.
Maybe use a looper/recorder at the end of your signal chain to capture sounds and reinject them into the op-1 later?

Gosh my english has gotten sloppy over time. maybe this is all gibberish

Thank you docshermsticks and SLOTH. Such a a beautiful pic and simple solution. I will try it when I got home. So happy thank you.

i use a Y cable (TRS stereo to 2x TS mono) and treat the L&R on my OP1 as two separate outputs using hard panning.
i posted this pic up on the old forum, not sure if it made the trek.

Hey dude, further to my other tagging of you… I found this, and gave it a burl, but it gives me a blend of both the output signal, and the return… Know of any workaround for this? Or am I doing it wrong?

not sure what u mean exactly?

would double check u got the panning and tape tracks all set up correctly.
also do u have the right splitter cable? (LR) < (L) + ®

Does anyone still have the picture that shows how to record live OP-1 sounds with external effect? The pictures were posted above but don’t appear to be visible any more.

i can’t find the pic on my laptop anymore
dunno what i did w/ it

its pretty easy tho just visualize it.

Thanks docshermsticks. Did anybody ever find a work-around to send live synths/drums through external effects and back into the OP-1 for recording? I’ve looked through the forums and can’t find anything, so currently planning to use my Korg KP3 to capture the audio and then feed it back into the OP-1.

since the panning is done at the tape track level
there is no way to pan the live input to one side (lets say left)
while also selecting the return tape track which is panned the other way (right)

i think u could do it tho if u muted the return track
or something like that
this way u wouldn’t get a feedback loop
but u also wouldn’t be able to hear anything