Effect on Mic Input

Hey there

Two questions:

1. Is there a way to add an effect (CWO, for example) to the mic input for direct recording to tape? Or do I need to run it through the sampler (which would kinda suck as it would limit the length of the recordings).

2. Can I add an effect to a single track on the tape? Or would I need to record it to an album, adding the effect while writing it to the album…

Thank you!


Hey @theruins

(1) I don’t think you can record effects directly on the mic input. I would handle this by recording the mic input to a tape track and then using the white ear and a master effect to record the effected audio to a second (spare) tape track.

(2) If you’ve got a spare track, then use the white ear as above. If not, then record to album with a master effect and bounce that back to tape.

thanks, yoof, that’s what I’ve been doing. works great, is a little cumbersome though,. but somehow that’s part of the charm of this little device,

thanks again!


Maybe if we all write to TE and ask them to let us switch the Master EQ and FX between pre-/post- tape (perhaps via shift on the T2 mixer page?), they might listen :wink:

Being able to switch EQ/FX to pre-tape would let you add master FX to a single track, or apply FX to an input signal before it hits the tape, or a lot of other nice things (eg being able to EQ synth/drums when recording to tape).

That would definitely be a great feature! I’ll send them an email - feel free to do the same, everyone;)